BTS with Charly Black in Bruxelles

sorinf in the studio with profoto and canon 5ds

It’s important to always think ahead when planning an editorial story – what issue/season is it for, what trends, what target clients do I have in mind when shooting? But this was not the case, I almost had no time.

So here the story goes:

Some time ago, on a Saturday, I get a call from DJ Maze asking if I was free on the following Monday. I say yes before even asking what was it about, this is how much I like working with him. We immediately set up a meeting on that Sunday to find out what needs to be done and meet everyone. This is kind of sudden and developing quickly. Comes Sunday evening. I go to the meeting and they tell me it’s a shooting for Charly Black and I immediately get asked what is my vision. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the challenge of an open brief, but coming up with an idea on the spot and doable within the next 14 hours is a bit too quick even for me. The upside, in this situation I get to be as creative as I want (with consideration to certain guidelines). All I have to go on is that the client needs a fairly all-round portfolio, from album covers to posters and editorial work. So I go ahead and start thinking out loud, since managers and music producers are looking at me in complete silence. We’ll do a bit of a high def look with classical lighting and decide to go for complete changes of look and lighting scenarios between shots, including some pieces suitable for Vice type editorial, Time Magazine looking ones and back stage ones. Confidence and inspiration are key! In these scenarios I am a creative director, photographer and producer, so I offer to accompany the style team next morning looking for clothing.

On the day of the shoot we arrive at DJ Maze’s studio. After unpacking and getting some rental extras we needed, we discuss the shoot approach with my assistants, hair, makeup, the clients and Charly. With all the changes of location, style and lighting, we also have to make sure that the overall story remained consistent. Consistency is a HUGE factor in building a successful image portfolio for an artist. Sure, they need to cover large areas – editorial, interview, promo stuff, but his image must remain consistent.

With help from the entire team in keeping the energy positive throughout the day, I think we pulled off one of my favorite stories to date!

The two nice asistants at my Charly Black shooting gyal you a party animal seance photo bruxelles sorinf





←The nice assistants in the studio just before the shooting, posing for light tests



And here you have the making of video ↓


And the video to the clip ↓

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